Changelog for Beta 0.1.0

Grace's House (Beta 0.1.0)

On January 1,2018 I decided that it was time to get other people playing my game. For the next 15 days I worked pretty hard to update the game thoroughly to get rid of any outstanding problems. I knew that there would be tons of more problems once other people starting  playing it, but this was the time to try and make it shine a little. I always knew there would be problems, but you really can’t imagine how many little things will need to be updated over time. There have been many times during this project that I have sat back and been able to see large leaps in progress and then realize that I also have a long way to go.

The following are a list of problems that I fixed in those 15 days to get it ready for Beta testing:

Jan 01, 2018

  • Turn down wave noise during intro
  • Change certain sprites in first town
  • Adjust chance for certain enemies to cause poison
  • Replace pirate boat sprite with new sprite from Terozu
  • Add Terozu to credits
  • Adjust certain text in first town for content and grammar.
  • Update all remaining book cases with puns.
  • Update Library layout in second town.
  • Update certain chest colours
  • Update certain chest contents to make it more useful when received
  • Increase encounter rate in second dungeon area
  • Lower damage amount done by Fire, Ice and Thunder spells
  • Change spell sound effect (SE)
  • Lower cost of certain weapons/armours
  • Adjust Inn costs slightly
  • Update two characters in second town pub to remove “Through” option
  • Update certain enemy skills with action sequences
  • Add different enemy to second dungeon area
  • Adjust music cues so the music fades and doesn’t cut off abruptly
  • Realign certain text fields to make sure text fits properly
  • Fix Bow and Arrow action sequences
  • Update skill SE
  • Update characters switch to make sure they show up after an event takes place
  • Update layout of Pub in second town.
  • Update different pirate sprites in first town so as not to use the same sprite
  • Create new sprites/SV Battlers/face templates for 2 bosses.
  • Create face templates for remaining characters who main characters interact with
  • Use new character generator pieces to create specific guards for each town.
  • Add animations to characters attacks during cutscenes
  • Remove cat during second town cutscene
  • During third boss, switch additional enemies with tougher versions
  • Adjust some sprites slightly in battle set up
  • Lower some gold amounts in chests
  • Add some elemental weaknesses/strengths for certain enemies
  • Redo layout for “maze” section of second forest
  • Raise encounter rate in third dungeon area

Jan 04, 2018

  • Adjust layout for Adelyse’s house 2nd floor
  • Add item to shops which cures multiple status effects
  • Update some regions which should be able to be accessed by the player
  • Create character sprites for 2 playtesters
  • Check/Update all bookcases to make sure event is set to “Same As Player”
  • Add four visual cues to help with puzzle in 1st floor of 4th dungeon
  • Update enemy weaknesses slightly
  • Align some text in 4th dungeon
  • Update special fight in 4th dungeon. Increase the strength, lower the HP, Adjust skills
  • Create some duplicate skills that are shared between players and enemies to change action sequences for each
  • Increase 3rd floor encounter rate of 4th dungeon
  • Raise Kira’s Magic Resistance stat

Jan 08, 2018

  • Fix grammar of some text in 4th dungeon
  • Update attack stat of certain enemies in 4th dungeon
  • Lower attack spell damage numbers slightly
  • Lower all of bow skill damage numbers slightly
  • Give boss of 4th dungeon stronger spells. Raise HP
  • Adjust some timing issues with final cutscene in 4th dungeon
  • Add some hidden objects in 4th town
  • Update some character sprites in 4th town
  • Update Adelyse’s final skill
  • Update some ocean enemies with increased attack
  • Increase encounter rate on world map
  • Update region restrictions for events in 2nd town
  • Realign some text to make sure all text is visible
  • Lower magic damage on some Accessorys

Jan 09, 2018

  • Adjust agility of certain enemies in 5th dungeon
  • Increase some attacks/spell damage for enemies in 5th dungeon
  • Increase cost of certain healing spells
  • Lower chance of poison for certain enemies
  • Raise encounter rate in 2nd part of 5th dungeon
  • Decrease strength for certain bows very slightly
  • Update text for grammar in 5th dungeon
  • Update events so that you can access previous area from 5th dungeon from later area
  • Move location of 6th town slightly on world map
  • Add text for 2 characters in 6th town
  • Realign some text for characters in 6th town

Jan 10, 2018

  • Finish updating the unfinished sections of the World Map. Many sections are not used in this game, but helps to build the world
  • Update bookcases in 6th town
  • Realign certain text in 6th town
  • Update some grammar in 6th town
  • Update some Doodads in 6th town
  • Remove face portrait for characters who are not integral to main story
  • Redesign character sprite and face template for character in 7th town
  • Update Doodads in 7th town
  • Fade music properly in cutscenes
  • Update sprite/face template that was still using a temporary sprite/face
  • Realign some text in 7th town
  • Adjust some timing for movement in cutscenes
  • Add ability to talk to people in jail cells
  • Update dialogue after event occurs so that character react accordingly
  • Increase attack/magic damage for final group of enemies
  • Adjust mini boss skills so that player isn’t affected by too many skills and left powerless
  • Raise mini boss HP
  • Raise mini boss magic damage much higher
  • Remove characters that should be gone after certain event
  • Lower final boss’s attack
  • Add new multi-hit skill to final boss
  • Add animation for hit during cut scene
  • Update credits to scroll after final cutscene


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  1. “Update all remaining book cases with puns.”, there you had me downloading and firing up your demo!

    Also, jeesh that’s a lot to update in a few days, did you ever sleep 😛

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