Main Characters

Vis Cole

Vis Cole is a young ranger who grew up on a small island. He works hard to hunt for food for his family, and to provide protection for his town. He is happy where he is, but always wonders what else could be out there waiting for him.



Kira Little

Kira Little is a young woman who has a penchant for attack magic. She can handle herself in a fight, and is very proud of how courageous she can be when faced with danger. She is a problem solver who won’t let anything or anyone get in the way of her achieving her goals.



Merritt De Silva

Merritt De Silva is a young man who is proficient in healing magic. He sets out to make a name for himself by making the world a better place. He hopes some day to be as great as the adventurers who came before him.



Sir Adelyse Lemierre

Adelyse Lemierre is a retired knight who has seen her share of combat and has decided to walk away from it to lead a quieter life.  She is not quick to make friends, but she is a good ally to have around if you need somebody to swing a sword.