Changelog for Beta 0.5.1 – 0.5.3

It looks like I’m in the final months of development on The Sea Between. The trailer for the game is currently being worked on, and the release date will likely be announced very soon. I have  been getting a little bit of attention for the project in the past month and got to do an interview with the CBC. If you have any interest in listening to me talk about this passion project of mine, you can listen at the following link:

It felt pretty great to talk about this project that I’ve been working on for the last three years. In the meantime I’ve been trying to devote every moment I can spare to making sure that this game is released properly and in the best possible state that it can be in. So with that, I’d like to give you the list of updates that have happened with this new version.

Here’s the new changelog:

  • Added Steam Achievements thanks to Hudell.
  • Updated Save Point access to only be usable in the world map or at a save point.
  • Added Yanfly’s Animated Tileset plugin.
  • Added shop menu plugin created by LTN Games to show what equipment can be equipped to the player easier.
  • Added new music by Sebastian Schwamm for the victory fanfare and boat travel.
  • Updated punctuation, grammar and some dialogue to make text read more clearly.
  • Removed name plates for characters who were not part of the main cast.
  • Added some ambient noise to add more colour to certain scenes.
  • Added new Animations by Andy Chen, which are mostly used for higher level spells.
  • Added save game plugin by Catball Games/Carrie Cygielnik so that Mac users can save properly.
  • Updated credits to include new playtester, music, animations, and sprites.
  • Update 3rd town with Doodads to give the town some more character.
  • Updated Help Menu to make the information easier to understand.


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