Changelog for Beta 0.4.5

Life has been hectic lately. I haven’t completely stopped working, but I’ve definitely slowed down a little bit. I’m currently waiting for some system icons to be created, which will likely be finished in the middle of next month, so I still have a lot of work left to do.

I’ve also been working on a presentation for work, about this project. I’ll be presenting tomorrow and telling everybody about how much collaboration with so many amazing people in the RPG Maker community has helped my project. It’s interesting looking back at where this project started over 2 years ago as well. There are times when it doesn’t feel like that long ago that I started working on this game.

Anyway, onto the important things. Here are the updates for Beta 0.4.5:

  • Created new “Old man” sprites with help from Zheg.
  • Replaced many default old man sprites with new characters.
  • Replaced all merchants in final town with new character sprites.
  • Replaced multiple characters in all towns with new character sprites made with the character generator.
  • Updated spell names.
  • Created new skill for Vis (Area Shot).
  • Updated Credits plugin to include missing contributors.
  • Updated end credit sequence to include missing contributors.


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