Changelog for Beta 0.4.2 & 0.4.3

I love looking back over the notes of all the things that have been changed. The more things that I see in the list, the closer I am to finally finishing this project and having something that I can share with everybody. This time around, the big change is in the new system icons which are now split between Yanfly’s Icon set, 7soul1’s Icon set and Cyangmou’s Icon Set. Other than that it has simply been a bunch of slight alterations.

Here are the list of changes:

  • Updated Jail in last town to remove open space
  • Updated all Item, Weapon and Armour icons with new icons
  • Fixed tile set issue which was causing part of a tree to disappear
  • Reworked dialogue for a specific character to telegraph more about a situation
  • Updated decorations after big event to align with text about the event
  • Added Hi Stamina potions
  • Updated casting animation to only show for Magic instead of Special skills
  • Updated two music cues with more appropriate music
  • Updated one Adelyse ability to do more damage
  • Created Adelyse centric key item which references her backstory
  • Updated tile set issue which allowed character to walk on roof
  • Replaced Chef character sprite in 2nd town
  • Updated “Escape” text to make more grammatical sense
  • Updated certain text in 5th town to remove improper punctuation
  • Updated text after 4th boss fight to make more grammatical sense
  • Updated text in last town to make text make more sense
  • Added “Current Objective” menu option (Currently the link works, but it needs to be updated accordingly with where the player is in the story)
  • Updated certain cats to Meow
  • Updated certain Pianos to be interactive


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