Changelog for Beta 0.4.0 & 0.4.1

Rawls (Docks)

Another big set up of updates with 0.4.0. I’ve also included 0.4.1 with this changelog because it was just to update some plugins to the most recent version to fix some issues with If/Then statements.

The biggest change with this version is the update to RPG Maker MV. Apparently, a lot of people were having a number of issues with version 1.6.0, so they decided to roll back to a new version, which was 1.5.2. All of the code and plugins then needed to be checked and updated accordingly. It takes a bit of time to keep everything up to the most recent version of RPG Maker MV, but I feel like it only helps with performance in the end, so it is completely worth it.

The second biggest change, and one that probably took more time to implement, is the addition of new images into the town tile sets. I was completely loving the way that the each roof was looking in the towns, so I decided to seek out other options. Eventually, I ran into a great selection and after some initial testing to make sure that they looked alright, I decided to update every house in the game with a new roof. I think this made everything look a little less square and it also added to the character of each individual town.

After this next release I will be releasing the game to some more beta testers to try to get some more opinions on the game. I’m starting to get to the point where there are very few changes that I can find anymore, so I feel like I’m getting closer and closer to finishing. With that being said, I can look back to times that I thought the game was close to done previously and see how much it has changed since then. This has been a long process, but I’m hoping that if everything goes well the game will release sometime before the end of the year.

The really stressful thing to me right now is creating the list of credits and worrying that I’ve missed somebody. This project is only as good as it is because of the great people who made music, tiles sets, and character sprites available online for people to use, that I have incorporated into my game. I would hate for somebody to not get the proper credit for their work.

Now on to the list of changes:

  • Update to code for RPG Maker MV 1.5.2
  • Update Plugins to go with new version of RPG Maker MV
  • Update all roofs in the game with new tilesets
  • Update outside of last town with Gridfree Doodads to cut down on open space
  • Update to large number of interiors of houses to have less straight lines and to give them all more character
  • Updated tile sets to account for some missing doodads
  • Update beginning of game to not have Terrax lighting initialized so that there could be a cut scene explaining it
  • Fix action sequence that was causing an enemy attack to happen twice
  • Change name of certain skills to associate them more with particular enemies
  • Created accessory for Kira since she was only character without one early in the game
  • Slight text updates for grammar and spelling
  • Slight updates for movement during cutscenes in 3rd town
  • Remove event that was giving players Smoke Bombs, because it was supposed to be used for testing
  • Large update to layout/textures for 1st and second town
  • Update to cutscenes because of layout changes in 1st and 2nd town
  • Rework some dialogue to make a characters motives more clear
  • Give certain enemy a skill to attack all to raise difficulty slightly
  • Change animations during cutscene to line up with new casting animations
  • Add new shield for Kira near end of the game
  • Redesign Pub in second town to have less open space
  • Update bookshelf that wasn’t displaying properly
  • Create new cutscene to explain the light in dark areas
  • Update 2 cutscenes to bring out all characters involved instead of just showing lead character and text boxes
  • Add Status Effect entry to the Help section
  • Remove Journal entry as it changed the way the story was being told and made the game more about Vis, instead of being about everybody working together as a group
  • Update skill text to use new terms (Strength, Defence, etc…) instead of old terms that were replaced(ATK, DEF, etc…)
  • Add new Yanfly, Weapon Unleashed plugin to allow attack option to be changed for main characters based on what weapon the user is using. This changes the display icon in battle
  • Update region restriction in 1st and 2nd town to account for new layout
  • Update spacing in Help file entries
  • Update action sequence for certain skills to remove opacity command
  • Status effect counters update so that they properly count down after each term
  • Fixed soft lock issues with If/Then statements by updating Plugins


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