Changelog for Beta 0.3.1 & 0.3.2

Lighting Test

Only a few touch ups these two updates to add to new features and clean up some text, so I decided to just put them in together. I did do some testing with using Terrax lighting to light the interior of houses/all interiors, but I found that it didn’t add a lot to each room. Also, it may have been the way that I implemented the change, but it didn’t seem to suit the mood of the game. In the end I ended up throwing everything out and leaving everything the way it had always been.

Here are the new updates:

  • Added help items to the Journal/Help menu (Hidden Items, Game Over, General Terms, Save Points, Battle Terms, etc…)
  • Added first Journal entry Journal/Diary for the start of the game
  • Update minor layout for 7th town to remove a lot of open and empty spaces
  • Updated Action Sequence for Double Attack, because it was not resetting the sprite after the action
  • Update puzzle text for a dungeon to make it easier to understand and to fit in the text box properly
  • Change dialogue for two guards who were saying the same thing
  • Update certain text boxes to center text that was missed with previous updates



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