Changelog for Beta 0.3.0

Mountains Cave After & Before

This update is a bit of doozy. RPG Maker MV has updated to 1.6.0 so I’ve updated to the newest versions for everything. This seems to have caused a couple issues with If Then statements for some reason, and a few of the plugins. I’ve therefore had to update the plugins that I’m using accordingly. Huge thanks to Yanfly for being on the ball and getting out the newest scripts to keep up with the newest versions of RPG Maker MV. My project wouldn’t be the same without all of the wonderful plugins that Yanfly provides.

New animations were added for battle during this version as well. Here is a small example of new animations being used:

The Sea Between – Merritt & Adelyse Attack

I also took this occasion to incorporate some new animations which are allowing my battles to seem fresh and new.

Anyway, here is the massive list of updates and changes:

  • Update to new font
  • Many text box updates because of the size of new font
  • Updates to Message Core plugin settings to account for new font
  • Updates to Level up screen through Plugins, to remove dark rectangles
  • Added Collapse effect to boss deaths
  • Replaced end credits text scroll with new multiple screen cutscene
  • Created all new maps for ending cutscene
  • Fix more animal attack names to more descriptive skill names
  • Implement new animations, which were created by hadecynn
  • Created credits listing
  • Assigned new animations to various attacks
  • Colour coordinated main character attack animation colours with their main colour.
  • Assigned more Collapse effects to bosses
  • Implemented new Title Screen created by Jerry Stamp
  • Updated RPG Maker MV to version 1.6.0
  • Updated files accordingly with new version of RPG Maker MV
  • updated Yanfly scripts which are affected by new version of RPG Maker MV
  • Updated Yanfly’s Item Core plugin to remove dark rectangles
  • Added key item to the beginning of the game to add more world building
  • Added key item to middle of the game cutscene
  • Updated all remaining text boxes that are spaced incorrectly because of new font change
  • Updated some movement issues with new end credits sequence
  • Updated some text boxes that were full because of new font change
  • Updated Pub owner sprite in second town
  • Created new character sprites and faces for two characters who are interacted with by the main characters
  • Updated third boss character sprite
  • Decrease encounter rate slightly in certain areas
  • Update text on some Bow skills
  • Add new screens to add the Save Point mechanic
  • Add reaction to Save points to give the player some knowledge of what they were
  • Update Core character faceplate and sprite because they were wearing too many capes
  • Update text size in shop windows
  • Decorate Library in 3rd town with Gridfree Doodads
  • Change which items could be equipped by Vis to balance combat/equipment system
  • Create sprites for dancers and pub patrons in certain pubs
  • Add game mechanic so that the player would be reward during a certain section of the game for doing more than they needed to
  • Confirm that new faceplates are in place for all pertinent interactions with those characters
  • Redo certain guards in character creator because of a slight graphical error where you could see hair poking through above a helmet
  • Create more pirates to remove the duplication of similar sprites
  • Update getting items interaction with appropriate SE
  • Add new enemies to expanded map section
  • Update new map with Terrax lighting to give it a more cave like feel
  • Fix some movement issues when exiting a cutscene
  • Update entire section of 2nd half of 5th dungeon with new tilesets to give it a different look and feel
  • Update to add blink when interacting with the new Save Points



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