Changelog for Beta 0.2.3

Polaire (Beta 0.2.3)

Here comes a bit of a big update. This update includes a lot of Gridfree Doodads work to make everything look a little more full. I brought in some new enemy sprites and even updated all the houses in the first town. This list of changes didn’t take too long, but you can see the difference in how the game has changed almost immediately.

Here are the changes:

  • Realign certain text fields to fix strange looking text
  • Give Kira first version of spell as well as the second version, instead of just second version
  • Update mini boss so that status effects are less likely to freeze all characters
  • Update placement of the best weapons in the game slightly
  • Update some action sequences that aren’t resetting the enemies positions after their attack
  • Update some action sequences to remove skill name from the top of the screen after the attack has finished
  • Customize enemy attacks (Rats will bite/claw, Hornets will sting, etc…) instead of just saying attack
  • Replaced tent interior and exterior using Panda Maru tilesets
  • Updated 1st town docks with Gridfree Doodads to give it a more rundown feel
  • Updated new enemy sprites from Katakura Hibiki (Sahagin, Cockatrice, etc…)
  • Adjust enemy placement in battle slightly to account for new sprites
  • Updated Battle Engine Core plugin to speed up animations slightly
  • Updated all buildings in first town to make them less boxy and less wasted space
  • Updated new boat sprites in port towns
  • Updated all buildings in second town to make them less boxy and less wasted space
  • Update 2nd town with more Gridfree Doodads
  • Updated all interior buildings to show the front windows from the inside of the building
  • Removed Relix shop in 3rd town and replaced it with a market stall
  • Updated Pub in 3rd town to make it feel less boxy
  • Added Gridfree Doodads to 3rd town Pub
  • Changed Battle Engine plugin to make enemies blink while selected during battle

-Matthew Hare

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