Changelog for Beta 0.2.0

Rawls Pub (Updated)

While waiting for some feedback from beta testers, I decided to try to add some new features. I’ve updated now to Beta 0.2.0 version. This version adds a couple new plugins and a couple updated plugins that I was previously using. I also updated the text boxes to make it a little different from the default text boxes. Here are the changelog entries for what has been updated:

  • Added Exit Command plugin (Atreyo Ray)
  • Add Pre-Title screen plugin (HIME)
  • Updated text box colours and borders with new “Window” file
  • Updated Pub in first town to be less boxy and less open spaces
  • Updated all Item shops with Gridfree Doodads plugin to give them a more natural look and feel
  • Added extra Gridfree Doodad image from Hitzuki Key
  • Used character creator to create all new Inn keepers for each town. These replace default sprites.
  • Update Yanfly scripts (Shop Menu, Equip Menu, etc…) which create dark rectangles, which now don’t look right with new updated colour palette
  • Remove casting animation for enemy skill
  • Create Smoke Bomb item which allows the player to escape from battle
  • Make sure that Smoke Bombs can’t be used on boss battles
  • Implement idea for Help/Character Journal using Yanfly Quest Journal Plugin (Not fully implemented)
  • Update max level to 25


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