Trailer & Release Date Announcement

Hello to all you fine folks who are following along with this project. I’ve got some big news today. This project has been happening in some way or another for over 3 years. I have over 1000 hours of work that I can view while just sitting down and programming, and this doesn’t count the numerous times I’ve been pacing back and forth while I think up story moments, or the times I’ve been spent combing the internet for amazing art and music that I can utilize in the project. I am so proud of this game and I am so happy to announce the release date today.

The Sea Between will officially be released on November 13, 2018.

I have created a page at the link below on so that people can follow along with the project and access the Windows and Mac demos. I will hopefully have more information about when the game will be available on Steam coming around October 1st. Stay tuned for more information.

To celebrate please have a look at this trailer for the game that is being released today. A huge thank you goes out to Andrew Winter who created this for me.


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