Release Day

The Sea Between is now available on Steam and Itch!

This project started three years ago. I had recently finished releasing a record and was looking for something else to spend my time on. I had just started running a D&D game and was having a lot of fun creating a world for my players to inhabit. I had thoughts of story ideas that would bounce around in my head and often I would think that these ideas would be fun to explore with a video game. Thus this project was born.

I knew that this game would have limitations because I didn’t have much of a budget to work with. My story was the driving factor throughout creation, though, and I wanted to make sure that anybody who played it would be drawn in and invested in these characters. I’ve spent countless hours testing the game to make sure that story flowed properly and that it was engaging. I’ve tried to make sure that the combat mechanics were interesting and that combat was well balanced. I’ve tried to make the world a living breathing thing that looks inhabited and not just created. I believe that I’ve achieved that, and I’m very proud of the work that I’ve done.

I have a lot of people to thank for this day including the RPG Maker community and the artists who have offered up their amazing art. The following people helped this game look as good as it does:

Enterbrain, INC., Lunarea, Archeia, Murray Atkinson, Michael Rookard, PandaMaru, Whtdragon, Hiddenone, Terozu, Hitzuki Key, IceKun, LadyBaskerville, Zheg, StormGoblin, Sinweaver, Mesojia, Degica, Co. LTD \ Katakura Hibiki, Avery

A huge thank you to Aaron Krogh and Sebastian Schawmm for their amazing music. These melodies bring the world to life and add beauty or tension where it is needed.

A huge thank you to Thomas “Cyangmou” Feitchmeir for creating the amazing system icons for the game. I am in love with his work and would have loved to have more of his mark on this project.

A huge thank you to following people who created plugins for RPG Maker MV and allowed me to customize and add to my project things that I would have never been able to do alone:

Yanfly, Khas, HimeWorks, Atreyo Ray, MogHunter, SumRndmDde, Hudell, LTN Games

Also to the people at Enterbrain and to Wingless Seraph who created the sound effects that you hear throughout the game.

A huge thank you to Degica, Co. LTD \ Andy Chen and the people at Enterbrain for creating such cool looking animations to make every hit and every magic spell come to life.

A huge thank you to Jerry Stamp for creating the title screen and some of the advertising materials. It makes me smile every time I load up the game.

A huge thank you to my playtesters who gave me honest feedback and talked at length about the story I wanted to create and what I could do to make it better:

Jill Hamen, Lee Butt, Adam Moore, Ian Foster, Lisa Walters

A huge thank you to my D&D group (Lee Butt, Jill Hamen, Jonny Hodder, Pamela Rideout, Chris Finn, and Lisa Walters) for allowing me to join you in many adventures every week. A special thank you for Pamela Rideout for allowing me to borrow her character (Sir Adelyse) and make her my own. It makes me so happy to make her part of my world.

A huge thank you to Andrew Winter for creating the trailer so that I could show the world what I’ve been working on over these last three years.

If you’ve stumbled across this page I’m happy to share this day with you too. I hope that you enjoy my world, my characters and my story. Video games have been a part of my life for so long and it feels good to give something back to that world. Like all of the video games that I love, I hope that this game stays with you for a long time. I hope that you some day hear the music and are transported back to your favourite moment in the game. I hope that you want to know more about this world and follow where these characters go next.

All the best,


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