Changelog for Version 1.0.4

It has now been a month since The Sea Between has released and I’ve been getting some great feedback. It makes me so happy to see people enjoying this game and telling their friends all about it. The Sea Between also makes a great Christmas gift, so feel free to pick up a copy for your friends and spread the word.

In the meantime I have a small number of changes this time around. One is a little bit of a redesign of two areas because of a new art asset. The other big one is something that I’ve been thinking about for a while. The original idea of the save mechanic in this game was based off Final Fantasy 4. The player would only be able to save while at a save point or on the world map. There are a couple section in the game where there is an extended plot section or a surprise for the player and they haven’t been able to save in a while or didn’t know they should save. To combat this I added in a few prompts at key points to give the player more opportunities to save their game. This will hopefully keep the same difficulty, while allowing those who have to stop playing from losing much progress and having to repeat what they had done.

Here are the list of changes:

  • Added small number of save prompts to allow the player more opportunity to save during longer section of the game.
  • Added Save Point to Vawn.
  • Updated Queen Roxana’s throne.
  • Updated the trees in Shaylin and at Majoha Temple.
  • Updated a few doodads around Rawls Forest and Majoha Temple.
  • Added Version number of the game to the main title screen.


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