Changelog for Beta 0.4.6 & 0.4.7

Another batch of changes are here. This time around there a lot of aesthetic changes that were added to bring more life to the world and make it more vibrant. A lot of these changes were thanks to Moghunter’s plugins. Also, a huge shoutout to Thomas “Cyangmou” Feichtmeir for helping me out by providing some new system icons.

It looks like the next version of the game will be moving to RPG Maker MV 1.6.1 so that might take a while to test. I’m also currently looking at changing up the way that lighting is done in the game, so that may take some time to implement as well.

Now onto the change list:

  • Added Moghunter plugin to show footsteps in certain areas of the world along with splashes in water.
  • Added Moghunter weather plugin to add blowing leaves to the forest areas and clouds to the mountains.
  • Added JGreene/Izyees Menu time/location plugins to replace functionality that was previoulys created with other plugins.
  • Cleaned up the main menu.
  • Created new Game Over screen.
  • Removed all previously used System Icons and replaced them with new Icons created by Thomas “Cyangmou” Feichtmeir.
  • Added Moghunter title screen plugin to make the screen more vibrant.
  • Added new command buttons created by Jerry Stamp to go with the new title screen.
  • Updated all menus using SumRndDude’s Super Tools Engine.
  • Removed Yanfly’s Credits plugin and replaced it with SumRndDude’s Movie Credits plugin because it wasn’t working properly with the new title screen.


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