Changelog for Beta 0.4.4

This group of updates is all about the little things. I love adding small details that really bring the world to life and hopefully I’ve done a bit of that with this update. It looks like the new version of RPG Maker MV (1.6.1) will be coming later this week, so I will likely have to do some updates to account for that. Hopefully this new version doesn’t break as many things as the last 1.6 version.

Here are the list of changes:

  • Fixed 2 skills that were deleted in previous versions by mistake.
  • Created new Sprite for a main character that needed to be replaced.
  • Changed all references to the new version of the character.
  • Removed jokes that weren’t working and replaced them with (hopefully) better ones.
  • Added a new playtester’s sprite to the game.
  • Updated dialogue for Adelyse later in the game to explain her thoughts more clearly.
  • Created new better version of Stamina Potions and updated the amount of SP recovered.
  • Updated one of Vis’ skills to do slightly more damage.
  • Slightly altered Vis’ SP amount required for skills.
  • Updated text before final fight to add more clarity.
  • Updated dialogue from Queen to read better.
  • Created a new scene for Kira near the end of the game (Which you are able to miss).
  • Created new “Current Objective” menu entry which will show what the player has to do next.
  • Updated many townspeople in all town to use new characters instead of default characters.
  • Updated text explaining where Adelyse’s best weapon comes from.
  • Added new Forest/Lake battleback (Created by LadyBaskerville) for the first boss fight.
  • Updated rusted gates in second dungeon to make them look better.
  • Updated Gambling Den with new Doodads.
  • Created new characters to include in 4th town who is now part of the main story briefly.
  • Updated Shopkeepers for Relics, Weapons, Armour, and Items, with new generated characters.
  • Created new kids for the first two towns.
  • Added custom weapon animations for all weapons using Avery’s animations, and Yanfly’s Weapon Animation plugin.
  • Created image for gate opening from StoneGoblin’s original version and mixed with a Dragon image which was above a previously used dragon.
  • Added new Yanfly Options plugin.
  • Added Owl to castle and animation to later cut scene.
  • Updated gravestones in 4th town to be slightly different looking.
  • Added new animation for first boss and added third character sprite to match in battle enemy amounts.
  • Added sound effects to one first dungeon section to make it seem more lively.


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